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eyeball FinTech is dedicated to working as a digital economy navigator for AIoT IC infrastructure and ecosystem development by providing solutions that have to do with data fast delivery (by TCP Offload Engine, TOE), data encryption, data security, data privacy, AIoT and Blockchain.

Our Vision

Being the leader of AIoT IC infrastructure eyeball FinTech aims at providing totally self-developed IC for nurturing an intelligent data business ecosystem in the digital era. eyeball FinTech has gotten recognition from the Government of FuTien District in Shenzhen for the Financial Technology Park and the Science & Technology Bureau of Guangzhou for the Development Zone. It also has obtained approval of 2 hectares land from Taiwan’s Ministry of Science & Technology at Yilan for establishing AI Data Center in support of the needs for big data analytics from practitioners of the Smart Finance and Precisive Agriculture domains.

eyeball55 FPGA

A smart ICT infrastructure deployed in the digital era is empowered by digital technologies, which enables the new generation of big data, smart data, artificial intelligence, algorithm, and computing power for the use of various business domains including smart finance, IC design, smart manufacturing, smart health, precisive agriculture, smart IoT device engineering, telecommunication, etc.


The eyeM5 5500/550 FPGA ETH Mining Machine is a killer application currently using eyeball55 chip. Its performance, special features and business model can be delineated below.

AI inside60

There are two categories of service provided from eyeball FinTech’s Financial Cloud Service Platform. One is financial hedge transaction service for the purpose of risk control and prevention, the other is digital currency issuing and management for the sake of wealth gaining.

eyeball55 FPGA AI Chip Supply Chain

eyeball FinTech Co., Ltd. fully integrates the knowledge and technology of FPGA based chip, PCB, server, and IDC services developed and provided by supply chain partners. It is a special and rare case that FPGA based AI chip is being developed together with Xilinx by burning in the knowhow of digital financial operations that has been accumulated at eyeball FinTech for more than 11 years. The PCBs, computers, servers, and the derived AI + Blockchain platform solutions are developed with clear visions and definitions of how they can be of value to the professionals and business entities in the financial sector, that can be well demonstrated via applications in the real world.

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