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eyeball FinTech Co., Ltd. was established in 2018, which inherits and carries on all IPs, and R&D assets and experiences in respect of quantitative financial related solutions, AI, AIoT and Blockchain technologies developed by eyeball Capital Co., Ltd. over more than 11 years. It is located in Nangong Software Park as well as Hsinchu Science Park with totally 18 researchers and engineers whose expertise spreads over multidisciplinary areas such as data science, quantitative finance, physics, mathematics, software engineering, communication, AI, Blockchain, etc. Besides, eyeball Capital has built up long termed relationship with 18 scholars from the academia and got advices from them in many subjects with respect to AI and FinTech. eyeball FinTech Co., Ltd. extends the relationship with the scholars and appreciates their advices.

eyeball FinTech is dedicated to working as a digital economy navigator for AIoT IC infrastructure and ecosystem development by providing solutions that have to do with data fast delivery (by TCP Offload Engine, TOE), data encryption, data security, data privacy, AIoT and Blockchain.


Being the leader of AIoT IC infrastructure eyeball FinTech aims at providing totally self-developed IC for nurturing an intelligent data business ecosystem in the digital era. eyeball FinTech has gotten recognition from the Government of FuTien District in Shenzhen for the Financial Technology Park and the Science & Technology Bureau of Guangzhou for the Development Zone. It also has obtained approval of 2 hectares land from Taiwan’s Ministry of Science & Technology at Yilan for establishing AI Data Center in support of the needs for big data analytics from practitioners of the Smart Finance and Precisive Agriculture domains.

Value Proposition

Although eyeball FinTech’s core technologies can be adopted in many different domains its solutions developed for real world application scenarios are focused on basically smart finance and precisive agriculture by effectively grasping the knowhow of data and money for payment.

  • Reinforcing the weakness of Tensor Flow and its Python language due to lack of R&D environment for developers and business opportunity for commercialized applications. eyeball FinTech provides AI + Blockchain dual engines to derive various applications and facilitate ecosystem.
  • Developing Blockchain’s DLT encryption technology and combining AI technology to make data at the existing database of clients more intelligent, and to ensure the transactions between distributed ledgers more secured.
  • Solving the pain points of Business Intelligence, which are not able to foreseeing the problems and needs to take proactive actions by adding AI modules.


Digital Economy Infrastructure Provisioning, Trust-as-a-Platform, TaaP

  • Data Encryption Technology
  • Visualization and Presentation of Real Time Data Analytics
  • Distributed and Relational Database Management
  • Infrastructure in Support of Token Economy

AIoT IC Infrastructure Provisioning

  • eyeball55 Chip
  • Internet Data Center IDC
  • AI Servers
  • AI Computers

International Standard Advocator for FinTech Data Development Platform

  • eyeball FinTech as a long time quantitative financial solution provider its professionalism in various applications and practices has injected knowhows to eyeball55 chip which can be used as a middle- ware to get clients’ certificates burned on chip so that the external resources, e.g. database, website, API, bank account, etc. be readily accessed by smart contracts. The whole process needs more user- friendly standards to make the process more streamlined.

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